Scholarships – This program includes National scholarships for students. The Voice of Democracy is a speech writing competition, which has been around since 1947. It is open to High School students, who write and record an essay on an announced topic. The Patriot’s Pen competition is open to middle school students, who submit a written essay. The Patriotic Art competition is open to high school students who express their patriotism through art. The Auxiliary also offers a scholarship to members for their continuing education
 The VFW Auxiliary is proud to offer and participate in scholarship contests that promote patriotism, assist students in furthering their education and help students reach their full potential.

The Scholarship Program:

  • Promotes and conducts the VFW Auxiliary Continuing Education Scholarship
    This scholarship is open to any VFW Auxiliary member (who has belonged for at least a year), his/her spouse, son or daughter with a financial need. Entrant must be at least 18 years old. A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to an applicant in each of the four VFW Auxiliary Conferences.
  • Promotes and supports the VFW Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest
    This contest is open to all students, including home-schooled students, in grades 6-8. The national first-place winner will receive $5,000.
  • Promotes and supports the VFW Voice of Democracy Audio-Essay Contest
    This contest is open to all students, including home-schooled students, in grades 9-12. The national first-place winner will receive a $30,000 scholarship.

VFW Auxiliary Members: Access Scholarship Program Resources HERE.

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